About Me!

Hello I am Amudha Ravindran. I would call myself a girl who loves to travel and explore the world. My passion for travel and adventure was there from young age, though got the full freedom after quitting my full time software job in 2014. 

I enjoy travelling to offbeaten places like Burma, Iran, Azerbeijan, Peru, Laos, Mongolia etc…

In 2015 when I went on an one month travel on Trans Siberian train journey (suppose to be the longest train journey in the world) from Moscow to Beijing, it gave the full confidence that I can travel alone any part of the world. That one month of living with local people, enjoying their local cuisine and understanding the local culture was an experience.

Though I have travelled a lot outside India, my favorite would always be the Himalayas. Of all the travels what I loved the most was the Everest Base Camp and the Bhutan bike ride in the Himalayan ranges.

In March 2020 I did enjoy my 2 weeks of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam backpacking, though the best was the Mekong river ride for 2 days from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang. In the passenger boat with the locals travelling for 2 days enjoying the company of the local people was an amazing experience.

Enjoying the train journey from Moscow to Beijing. View was varying from mountains, to dry lands to forest to desserts. It was amazing, I must say!

You can join my adventures and travel in Instagaram, and facebook.